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Who We Are

We are a consultancy and project management firm with over ten years of global experience leading rigorous evaluations and robust monitoring systems. Our work promotes adaptive management and learning by using evaluation evidence in decision-making to improve strategies and the successful delivery of results.

We recognize the dispersed nature of experiences, qualified individuals, and knowledge. In response, NSDation assembles relevant technical expertise to collaborate and create synergy in order to produce higher-quality outcomes and meet client expectations. We are experts in developing and implementing Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) systems, conducting project evaluations (baseline studies, project/organizational medium-term evaluations/reviews, and end-term/impact evaluations/studies), designing and monitoring ongoing projects within international frameworks, and conducting capacity building activities.

Ofiste El Sıkışma

Our Values


We strive to achieve a tangible impact in our work

Mutual respect

For diversity and cultural difference


Towards partners, stakeholders and the community


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct

NSDation Services

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Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, & Learning

Through demand-driven, rigorous evaluations, and robust monitoring systems, our work supports adaptive management and learning, enabling the use of evaluation evidence in decision making to improve the implementation and successful delivery of results. We have experience in designing and implementing tailored MEAL activities that draw on a wide range of tools, methods, and approaches to engage stakeholders and deliver robust evaluation evidence, reliable and accurate monitoring data, and tailored learning information. 
Collaboratively with our client, we formulate objectives, principles, strategies, and implementation frameworks for MEAL, setting out the critical informational requirements at each level of the results framework including roles and responsibilities, data collection modality, and promotion for tailored learning practices.

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Strategic Planning and Development

We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We then strategize using smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.


Knowledge Management and Innovation

We place the utility of evidence at the center of our work, which informs how we collect data, present evidence, and facilitates learning. We employ a variety of learning and knowledge-sharing techniques to enhance the creation, access, and utilization of pertinent data in order to enhance program performance. NSDation evaluates M&E systems within organizations so as to assist clients in modifying existing approaches or creating new systems. Thus, we assist our clients in collecting, managing, and utilizing data, resulting in more informed programs with greater impact.

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Organizational Development and Capacity Building

We help organizations, governments, community-based organizations, and civil society organizations craft development agendas, plan for change and take effective action. Our capacity development work goes beyond knowledge transfer, relies on co-creation and co-implementation, incorporates technology in creative ways, and agilely works within a complex, adaptive system.

Our Clients

Who We’ve Worked With

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Ed Beswick, Disasters Emergency Committee

"We had an excellent working relationship with NSDation Consultancy Services
who delivered high quality work with actionable recommendations. The team
carried out data collection across Turkey and Syria. They delivered a series of
workshops, both remote and in-person, with key stakeholders and produced a
series of high-quality outputs, including a findings report, factsheets, and an audio

Patrice Charpentier, Humanitarian Response Network

developed an excellent training curriculum to meet our expectations and led all aspects of the
preparation, from training content to pedagogic support. They were able to carry all the preparation
and facilitation tasks even though the work was done remotely."

Annie Hurlstone, ShelterBox



"NSDation carried out an end of project summative evaluation for the ShelterBox Earthquake Response, Turkiye"

"The evaluation was carried out to a high standard and ShelterBox were pleased with both the process and the final product."

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